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The glycerin source in all Sensodyne products may come from an animal source. We would not recommend using any Sensodyne product if you are looking to avoid animal derivatives.


Glycerin, an ingredient in our products, may be synthetic or may be naturally derived from either coconut or animal sources (ie: beef tallow). Mentadent Toothpaste contains glycerin. The glycerin in this product may be either natural or synthetic. Natural glycerin is 95% from beef and 5% from other sources, such as coconut oil, palm oil and tallow.


In response to your question, we do not use animals in our testing procedures. When testing of a product requires living subjects, as in the case of our Rembrandt Whitening Toothpaste, we use only human volunteers, and the remainder of tests are done under lab conditions to determine reaction and suitability in humans. No animal byproducts are included as ingredients in our toothpastes.


The following Crest versions flavors contain NO animal derivatives:

  • Crest Cavity Protection Cool Mint Gel
  • Crest Cavity Protection Regular Paste
  • Crest Cavity Protection Icy Mint Striped*
  • Crest Kid’s

Arm and Hammer:-

ARM & HAMMER® Baking Soda is a primary cleaning ingredient in our dental care products. ARM & HAMMER DENTAL CARE® products do not contain any animal by-products.


Some of our toothpastes contain glycerin. The glycerin we use is obtained from both internal and external sources. When made internally, the glycerin is made through procedures involving evaporation, distillation and bleaching of a crude glycerin derived from beef tallow, coconut or palm kernel oils.

Much of our glycerin is produced internally; however, it sometimes is necessary to supplement the supply of glycerin by purchasing it from external suppliers. When it is necessary to add to the supply by buying glycerin, external suppliers are carefully selected. The glycerin is only accepted if it meets or exceeds the United States Pharmacopedia (USP) quality standards. Our regular quality control procedures are used to monitor the quality of the glycerin. However, we cannot certify that the original source of the glycerin will always be 100% beef tallow.

Regarding Colgate toothpastes, the information below may be helpful to you. The following toothpastes do not contain glycerin or contain only synthetic glycerin:

  • Colgate For Kids/Junior Toothpaste
  • Colgate Toothpaste – Barney/Looney Tunes
  • Colgate Winterfresh/Cavity Protection Gel
  • Colgate Great Regular Flavor 2.7 oz. only
  • Colgate 2-in-1 Toothpaste & Mouthwash (Made in UK Only)
  • Colgate Fresh Confidence with Whitening
  • Colgate Herbal White Fresh Mint

The following products are also free of animal-derived ingredients:-

  • Ajax Cleanser with Bleach
  • Colgate Simply White Clear Whitening Gel
  • Murphy Oil Soap
  • Palmolive, Ajax, Dermassage and Crystal White Octagon Dish Liquids
  • Palmolive Super Scrub Gel Paste
  • Ajax, Fab, Dynamo and Fresh Start Laundry Detergents
  • Speed Stick Gel, Lady Speed Stick Gel and Teen Spirit Gel
  • Lady Speed Stick Clean Glide
  • Palmolive Gel Machine Dishwashing Detergent
  • Palmolive Triple Action Tabs Machine Dishwasher Detergent
  • Softsoap Aromatherapy Body Wash
  • Softsoap Aromatherapy Liquid Hand Soap
  • Softsoap Foam Works Liquid Hand Soap
  • Softsoap Floral Essentials Body Wash
  • Softsoap Fruit Essentials Body Wash
  • Softsoap Fruit Essentials Liquid Hand Soap
  • Softsoap Clear Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap-Aquarium & Rainforest
  • Softsoap Vitamins Liquid Hand Soap


All of the Listerine toothpastes contain animal derivatives.

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