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Dear sir
Please provide as much detailed info as much possible with clear answers in respect to these questions
1 Since when INDIA is exporting meat. Please share yearly details of total meat export. Specifically separating indian cow breed from others.
2 which type of animal meet export is still on with its monthly export figures.
3. Beef vs other meet ratio monthly data
4. Countries list where beef exported
5. Fir reported for missing cow and Buffalo month wise as such cows were sent to bangladesh
6 Is India or any of its govt is bound to export beef to any country
7 whether PMO has ever ordered beef . Pls share the name of all those PM who ever ordered beef with copy of bills or amount.
8 whether any President has ordered beef. Pls name them and share copy of bills or amount
9 how many slaughter house are opened in india since independence.
10 how many slaughter houses were there before independence
11 pls give detail list of name address owner year phone email of all slaughter houses.
12 give exact law in respect of cow slaughter
13 did nehru ever wrote a letter to CM of states over cow slaughter. Pls share copies of all those.
14 give all supreme court or high court rulings related to cow slaughter
15 how much revenue india gets from meat export specially beef
16 is there any plan to ban cow slaughter in india
17 is there any change in cow slaughter since modi govt took oath in parliament
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