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The-GlobalisationGlobalisation means you are going Global.

World Bank and IMF which are controlled by USA and its allies, they direct rest of the world, how to be global.

Russia was broken by this globalisation. Latin America and south east Asian contries also lost huge money for this so called Globalisation.

In july 1991, India went global and presciption of how to become global was given:-

    1. Devalue your currency.


    1. cut Import duties.


    1. Cut Govt social exp on health, education and sanitation.


    1. Allow foreign financial Institutions free hand in stock markets. (FII)

Since then uptil june 97, we have been global as per their conditions and lets see what we got..

Currency devalued from 18.11 to 39.15 per dollar which means exports cheap, Imports costly. Loan amount of say 1000 rs will be automatically 2000 rs now in principal itself… This is how they fool…

In parliament, sardar MMS (Mute Manmohan singh), American agent, said 94000 crore rs MOU signed from 1991 to 1997..


Inflow of Foreign Loan, Aid, FDI etc is 19700 crore rs., outflow of 34000 crore rs. Now who is giving help to whom ? Its todays system of looting by authentic means. Make laws and loot as per law.

India doesnt need FDI, a country whose annual savings rate is 24% of GDP (I.E. 2 Lakh crore) is looking for FDI of 19700 crore.. what is this bullshit all about ??? Who is being fooled by opening FDI ??

It is also said that we need fdi for money, new technology, Higher exports at low cost to outside world, Employment rise but we have already seen that India doesnt need any capital, For technology we need only High end technology and not Zero Tech, We dont want exports at low cost to outsider and we also dont want to imports at high price. (Higher the difference in two currency, Lower will be value of your goods and Higher will be value of outsiders).

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UNCTAD report of 1995-1996 says that Developing countries (120 in number ) inflow from so called Developed countries in 1 year is 500 billion $, while Outflow 725 billion $. so who is giving capital to whom ?? Dveloping countries are being looted by so called developed countries.

South south comission case study by Mute Manmohan Singh as secreatry general during 1986-89, reports that 17 developing countries inflow from developed contries 214 billion $, while outflow 345 billion $. This manmohan was against FDI untill he become Finance minister of India In 1991, when he did 100% u turn like kejriwal of today and started Globalisation and Liberalisation in India.

Larry-Summers-President-ObamaThis Mute manmohan singh was declared by french magazine la  monde in May 91, that whosoever govt will come in rule, FM will be Mute manmohan singh and it happened like that only…. How come any magazine predict the election results and finance minister head of India ???????

He was been world bank servant for 10 years and was given task of opening Indian economy for World, which he did like a faithful servant.

When Chidambaram Resigned, Manmohan Singh Resigned then world bank got worried, then President wrote letter to then Govt of India that if they are removed than what will happen to globalisation.

In oct 96, Chidambaram did press conference in London that Britishers came to India for 200 years, pls come again for 200 years and there will be huge rewards for u..


Another event where this mute agent manmohan singh betrayed India. Parliament committee Ram Niwas Mirgha’s report 1992 on Irregularities in Securities and Banking Transactions 1992, stated that FII looted 70000 crore rupees of Indian public. Citibank and ABN amro are main fraudlent mastermind but this Manmohan singh refused to take action against them.

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Till 1997, 70% MOU’s signed on Zerotechnology, 5-10% on High End.. But no one came to deliever High end technology.

In Morar Ji desai govt, 840 items list was reserved for Indians as zero technology and no foreigners was allowed to enter that, this mute manmohan singh removed that list.

Param super computer made in India, and several other high end technology is Indian only.

Vapi to mehsana belt of gujarat had all waste harmful technology (Dumped by Developed Countries) which could result into several bhopal gas tradegy type events.

The Lawrence Summers Memo on dumping waste into Less developed countries. Lawrence summers when he was World bank president, his memo was leaked, which shows the agenda of world bank. Obama US president, gave him big responsibilities in his administration which shows they are hand in gloves.


No Technology is required to make soaps, Potato chips, Tomato ketch up so please stop FDI in these Zero Technology products.

Mute Manmohan signed an MOU with Pepsi that Pepsi will dump 10000 metric Ton of waste every year in India. They did it in Vypin, Kerala. MOU with Netherlands (Holland) company seaswan to buy Pig’s shit as high quality manure. Eid parry joined hands with seaswan for this. Rajiv Dixit challenged it by PIL and MMS cancelled the MOU.

soyabean production destroys farming land in 10 years, so holland didnt produce soyabean on its land but asked India to Produce soyabean for the pigs of holland. Soyabean eating pig is more fleshy and tasty for holland non veg eaters. India’s Madhya pradesh is producing 74% of soyabean total Indian produce.

Kelvinator fridge technology was dumped by foreign due to cfc and carbon foot prints and damage to Ozone layer. Result India and other developing countries become dumping ground. Flood in LOS angels was one such event.

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Pager technology was dumped. Screenshot 2014-05-31 14.19.39

In drugs industry, Many medicines which are banned in developed countries are dumped in India.

Justice Hathi report on drug Industry said that only 117 Drugs will be required for entire India’s all types of ailments. However 84000 drugs were being sold in India just to earn money at the cost of rats life (Rats being Indian Humans in eyes of developed countries).


Health drinks are sold, Boost (Mungfali ki khali), Horlicks, Maltova, Complan all these are nothing but malt (malt is chane ka sattu, jou ka sattu)…

CA, Lawyers and all professionals will be unemployed. Big foreign firms will acquire all professional work. You will be either doing their service or will be unemployed.

If you cant do anything for others then atleast save yourself.. Do for urself.

Be Indian Buy Indian (Buy Swadeshi, Boycott Videshi). Dont Invest in foreign companies as they will use this money to fund your enemy. dont feed your enemy.

TV use in US has made 12 Year young girls pregnant. Porn is their school and college life. Avoid watching television. sit with your family and talk to them. Ban TV, watch only for limited time and limited things/ channels.

India is known for too many rules to prevent people from doing business. 1991 was liberalisation era, but it was liberalisation for Indians ? or for foreign companies ? whose interest this govt is serving ? Indian ???????????

Japan stood up on swadeshi movement from 1950-1970.

Germany France and Russia all gained from Swadeshi movement. Be German Buy German. Be French Buy French.

Bill clinton, Ronald Regan, Obama and Lawrence summers all are hand in gloves for destroying  developing countries to feed their lust and royal life.

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