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Disodium inosinate (E631[2]) is the disodium salt of inosinic acid with the chemical formula C10H11N4Na2O8P. It is used as a food additive and often found in instant noodles, potato chips, and a variety of other snacks.



[edit]Use as a food additive

Disodium inosinate is used as a flavor enhancer, in synergy with monosodium glutamate (MSG) to provide the umami taste. It is often added to foods in conjunction with disodium guanylate; the combination is known as disodium 5′-ribonucleotides.
As a relatively expensive product, disodium inosinate is usually not used independently of glutamic acid; if disodium inosinate is present in a list of ingredients, but MSG does not appear to be, it is possible that glutamic acid is provided as part of another ingredient or is naturally occurring in another ingredient like tomatoes, Parmesan cheese or yeast extract.


Disodium inosinate is generally produced from meat or from fish. Alternately, it may be produced from tapioca starch without any animal products involved in the production. Therefore, disodium inosinate may not be suitable for vegans and vegetarians, and in most cases not suitable for observant Hindus, Jews, Muslims, and Sikhs, depending on the origin of the product. Muslims should generally avoid it according to their religious beliefs. Like rennet it is normally a non-vegetarian product; only the producer can provide information on the origin although it is in some cases labeled as “vegetarian” in ingredients lists when produced from plant sources.[3]
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