भारत के चुनाव


    क्या भारत के चुनाव आयोग का मतदाताओं के नाम सूचि से हटा देने का कार्य इन मतदाताओं के साथ धोखा नहीं है ??


    The Bombay high court on Friday took suo motu cognisance of the estimated 2 lakh names missing from the voters’ list across Mumbai and is likely to order a probe into the matter.


    Mumbai recorded its highest voter turnout (52.6 per cent) since 1991 in the Lok Sabha polls held in the city on Thursday. The figure was 11 per cent higher than the abysmal 41.4 per cent turnout in 2009. The surge in voting percentage could have been greater had about 2 lakh citizens from the city not found their names missing from the voters’ list.


    The Bombay High Court Thursday reserved its order until May 12 on the bunch of public interest litigations (PIL) seeking interim relief in connection with deletion of names from the voter list in Pune and Mumbai during the recently held Lok Sabha elections.


    A division bench of Justices A S Oka and M S Sonak reserved its order after hearing arguments of all petitioners that concluded on Thursday.
    Actor Amol Palekar and his wife had intervened in a PIL as their names were also missing from the voter list in Pune that went to polls on April 17.


    ऐसा पुरे देश में हुआ, हर पोलिंग बूथ पर जो आदमी पिछले विधानसभा चुनाव तक वोटर था वो अचानक से लोक सभा चुनाव में वोट नहीं डाल सका.. आखिर क्यूँ ? क्या सच में इस देश में मोदी की लहर के डर से कंग्रेस व् उसकी सहयोगी बी पार्टीयों ने ऐसा किया  ??

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    क्या चुनाव आयोग सिर्फ माफ़ी मांग कर लोगों को वोट डालने से वंचित रख सकता है ??


    The Election Commission on Friday admitted that it was at fault and that voter apathy alone cannot be blamed. “I must apologise and regret that the names of such a large number of voters have not been found on the list. It’s a very, very massive operational mistake which should not have happened,” said Election Commissioner HS Brahma. “This is some lapse on our part. We should acknowledge it and rectify the defect.”


    Evidence is required to prove why did the Election Commissioner apologise and for what? Instead of a mere sorry, MS Brahma should put up details on the website and ask the Collector of Pune to take up suo motu revision

    It’s shocking that Election Commissioner HS Brahma has merely admitted to “lapse on its part” and issues an oral public apology. A report in DNA dated 26th April, quotes him as saying, “I must apologise and regret that the names of such a large number of voters have not been found in the list. It’s a very, very massive operational mistake which should not happened.”

    Surely, such a huge ‘mistake’ demands more than an apology, which incidentally happened only after the Mumbai furore (he didn’t bother about the fact that 4.23 lakh odd names of voters (about 24%) from Pune Lok Sabha constituency alone had been deleted a week before Mumbai went to polls) and that too, after a hue and cry, by people and media. What about action in terms of providing public explanation of what exactly was the nature of the mess? Or providing opportunity to voters, who for no fault of theirs were deprived from voting, since this was an unprecedented colossal administrative or any other lapse?

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    क्या चुनाव आयोग निष्पक्ष होता है ?? क्या चुनाव आयोग के उच्च पदस्थ का चुनाव लोकतान्त्रिक नहीं हो सकता ??


    क्या चुनाव आयोग में कोयला खोटाले के आरोपी मुख्य चुनाव आयुक्त है ??

    Bm8FbzRCAAAmRdgThe Chief Election Commissioner VS Sampath and Election Commissioner HS Brahma became Sonia’s FAVOURITES  when both of them served as Union Power Secretaries during the period 2008-2009. During their tenure as Power Secretaries, a large Number of Coal Blocks were allotted by the Coal Ministry then headed by Manmohan Singh. When the CBI took up the investigation of the Coalgate Scam in 2012, it wanted to question both VS Sampath and HS Brahma. The Department of Personnel and Training refused to grant permission to the CBI to question both these officers on the ground that they were holding Constitutional Posts in the Election Commission of India (ECI). The Super Directing  Draconian Power  behind the Coalgate Scam was not the Prime Minister but Sonia Gandhi. She was the Epicentre who used Dr. Manmohan Singh as her Prime Minion to complete her Planned, Organized and Launched Massive Coalgate Scam Programme.

    क्या चुनाव आयोग में भी गुंडे चोर लुटेरे ढोंगी गद्दार उच्च पदों पर बैठे हैं ???

    भारतीय EVM का सच..


    Contrary to claims by Indian election authorities, these paperless electronic voting systems suffer from significant vulnerabilities. Even brief access to the machines could allow dishonest election insiders or other criminals to alter election results.


    In the video above, we demonstrate two kinds of attacks against a real Indian EVM. One attack involves replacing a small part of the machine with a look-alike component that can be silently instructed to steal a percentage of the votes in favour of a chosen candidate. These instructions can be sent wirelessly from a mobile phone. Another attack uses a pocket-sized device to change the votes stored in the EVM between the election and the public counting session, which in India can be weeks later.

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    These attacks are neither complicated nor difficult to perform, but they would be hard to detect or defend against. The best way to prevent them is to count votes using paper ballots that voters can see.


    जो मशीन विदेशों से निकली गयी, उनपर हमारे देश की सरकार का भरोसा क्यूँ ? इलेक्शन कमिसन का भरोसा क्यूँ ??

    क्या चोरों देशद्रोहियों और भारत के गद्दारों द्वारा करवाया गया चुनाव भारत को असली जनता की चुनी हुई सरकार दे सकती है ??

    क्या भारत की जनता चुनाव में भरोसा रख सकती है ??

    क्या चुनाव का नतीजा कुछ भी हो भारत की जनता उसको accept करेगी ??

    आपका क्या मत है ? अपना मत लिखिए quote-on-trust